Policy Field: Public Health, Homelessness

Project Details: Health Intervention Value

  • TDN is an active coalition of over 50 drop-in centres throughout the City of Toronto that work with people who are homeless, marginally housed or socially isolated.

  • Drop-ins are on the front line of the overdose and housing crises in Toronto. Drop-in staff are increasingly the first to respond to overdose and other substance use and mental health related crises. Furthermore, the population of people experiencing homelessness is diversifying, aging and suffering from a range of health issues.

  • The ability of drop-ins to respond to crises and ongoing public health needs is constrained by their limited resources.

  • This project will support TDIN in building a business case (statistical, qualitative and policy-related) for why drop-ins are needed to provide health care services by demonstrating their value as an accessible community space that can help prevent crises and escalating health needs.