Who Are We?

The Public Good Initiative (PGI) is a student-led initiative that provides pro-bono consulting services to not-for-profit organizations in Toronto and the surrounding area.

The PGI mission is to make a positive contribution to the policy and research capacity of not-for-profit organizations.  By drawing on the skills and expertise of PGI Consultants, PGI seeks to meaningfully contribute to the public good.

PGI provides stand-out Candidates of the Master of Public Policy Program at the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy with a unique opportunity to engage in exciting and challenging projects.

Is the PGI formally part of the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy?

No. While the School is very supportive of the PGI, the Initiative is directed, led and owned by students. However, representatives from the School sit on the PGI Advisory Board. The Board meets with the Directors two to three times a year to discuss projects, issues and concerns related to the Initiative.

What type of projects do the PGI Consultants typically undertake?

PGI client organizations are active in a multitude of public policy areas, such as Indigenous issues, immigration, accessibility, transportation, environment, education, health and social services. Examples of of past projects are:

  • Writing policy briefs on supporting newcomer transition into the labour market

  • Investigating the impact of harmonization tax (HST) on Ontario non-profits

  • Developing and piloting a social investment exchange

  • Conducting a current needs analysis of an urban Aboriginal health/healing/housing complex

  • Researching the role of municipal tax policy in encouraging healthy communities.