Find out what previous Consultants have to say about their experiences with the Public Good Initiative

Participating in PGI as a first year MPP student allowed me to form amazing relationships with my peers, gain invaluable policy and project management skills, and afforded me the opportunity to give back to my community in a very meaningful way. My experience as a policy consultant laid the groundwork for my involvement in other school initiatives and has opened my eyes to new career possibilities due to the network of mentors and clients I have met throughout my PGI experience.
— Catherine Clasadonte
Working as a Policy Consultant for the Internal Evaluation Team was a rewarding experience. I was able to take lessons learned from class and apply them to provide recommendations and strategies that could be used to further enhance the work being done by PGI in the non for profit sector. As well, it provided meaningful opportunities to work with classmates and directors. All in all a great learning experience!
— Victoria Antinucci
Being a Policy Consultant with the Public Good initiative was one of the most rewarding experiences of my first year at the Munk School. Through my policy team’s evaluation of YWCA Toronto Girls’ Programs, I acquired valuable research skills through interviews and focus groups with passionate young women. I learned from my teammates, made new professional connections and put classroom knowledge into practise - all while enriching the policy capacity of the non-profit sector.
— Geneviève Tallmeister
The Public Good Initiative combines all the reasons I decided to study at the Munk School of Public Policy in one project. Whether it’s helping your client find the solutions they need, solving complex real-world problems, or building advanced policy and professional skills, the Public Good Initiative gives you the skills and the experience you need to thrive.
— Declan Ingham
The experience of being Policy Consultant had enhanced my analytical thinking, communication and teamwork skills. More importantly, it was a great opportunity to connect with fellow MPP students and learn from them.
— Linying Lin