How are client organizations identified and selected?

The PGI Directors accept client applications and negotiate projects with selected partner organizations between June and September each year. Please do not hesitate to email us in the meantime with any questions at

After being matched with Consultants, how does the organization proceed?

The PGI Directors email the organization, informing them of the two to four Consultants that have been matched with their project. The Consultants are to email the organization contact person to set up an initial meeting. Within the first two weeks, the Consultants should return a signed contract to the PGI Directors.

Please note that the PGI receives more applications than can be selected. PGI Directors will make decisions regarding which projects will be selected for the coming year. There is no guarantee that the submission of a project scope document will result in a partnership with the PGI.

If my placement is not working out, what actions can I take?

Organizations and Consultants should try to communicate with each other via email and telephone. If you have concerns that you are not able to address with the Consultants, you can contact the PGI Directors, who will be able to assist you in resolving the situation. The Directors can assist in solving the dispute in neutral manner and, if need be, reassign students.