Why should I consider volunteering for a PGI Consultant position?

Students who participate in PGI projects strengthen their skills in analytical thinking, creative problem-solving and managing stakeholder relationships. In addition, PGI projects make an impact on both the wider policy community and the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy. Many projects have been essential to renewing organizational funding and in making a policy case to donors and government. Other projects have led to part-time positions and internships for Master of Public Policy (MPP) students.

How are partner organizations identified and selected?

Prospective non-profit organizations submit their applications to PGI Directors in August. Then PGI Directors assess submitted applications and select which organizations PGI will partner with for the upcoming year. The list of selected client organizations and corresponding Consultant placements will be shared with applicants during recruitment in September. Consultants work closely with both small and large not-for-profit organizations that are active in various policy areas, ranging from health to education to environmental issues.

What steps should I take if I would like to work with an organization not currently affiliated with PGI?

Fulfilling the needs of existing PGI clients remains a priority. However, students who are interested in seeking out their own opportunities should liaise with the PGI directors to discuss the possibility in more detail.

How and when can I apply to become a PGI Consultant

At the beginning of each term, the PGI directors email a list of placements to all current MPP students. Students are asked to review the list and email the PGI outlining their interest and experience within a one-week period. In particular, students are asked to rank their top three choices of PGI projects. The PGI Directors then conduct student interviews and successful candidates are divided into groups of Consultant teams and paired with clients.

The Directors understand that not everyone has previous policy experience, and one of the goals of the Initiative it to provide MPP students will policy opportunities so that they can develop new skills. However, if students possess a certain skill or experience in an area that is relevant to a project, this would be considered an asset and they should state this in their application email.

How are Consultant project teams selected?

The PGI Directors match Consultants with their preferred projects wherever possible. Groups are made up of 3-4 Consultants.

What is the expected time commitment of a PGI consultant?

Each Consultant commits approximately 1-3 hours per week over the project duration.

How can I get in touch with a PGI Director?

If you have further questions about the Consultant application process, our email is