Policy Field: Education, Disability, Technology

Project Details: Education Technology

  • Educational outcome for students with sight loss has a significant impact on their future employment prospects. In alignment with CNIB’s 2018-2022 strategic plan of boosting engagement in the “New World of Work,” they are looking to develop sufficient measures for successful educational outcomes.

  • Their data shows that younger clients graduate high school and postsecondary at rates comparable to or better than the general population, but still have an employment rate substantially lower than the Canadian national average. This suggests that the quality of their educational experience, particularly in the classroom, could be a determining factor in their future employment success.

  • Building on existing research, the final report will include an analysis of various research questions and a list of recommendations to provincial governments on a preferred model for educational technology deployment in the classroom.

  • Consultants will also be provided with training on developing accessible documents.