Policy Field: Education, Social, Entrepreneurship, Civic Engagement

Project Details: White Paper

  • Afropolitan Canada has recently undergone a strategic objective re-alignment to improve their community work.

  • PGI consultants will assist in developing a white paper for the organization on wealth disparity within the Toronto Black Francophone communities.

  • The paper will:

    • Research various groups of Black Youth populations in Ontario (Francophone African Canadians, Francophone Caribbean, Canadians first generation, new immigrants)

    • Contribute to the definition of “Black Youth”

    • Explore issues related to immigration, education, language barriers, etc.

    • Map services available to support their financial growth and identify how these services can be improved

    • Answer the research question “How do the Black communities feel about the term Franco-Ontarian? Do they feel like they belong to the community? Why or Why not?

  • This project will support Afropolitan’s mandate and provide substantial data to potential funders to address the issues defined above.

  • The White Paper will be a useful tool to start meaningful conversations with stakeholders that have the power to create positive change within the Black Francophone communities of Ontario.